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 Holistic, Therapeutic,
 and Sports Massage Therapy
  1. Traditional/Neuromuscular Sports Massage
    Traditional/Neuromuscular Sports Massage
    Techniques used in a Traditional Sports Massage include but are not limited to ROM, Trigger Point Therapy, Active Assisted Stretching, Deep Tissue, and firm Swedish. Neuromuscular massage uses the same techniques but with a more specific approach. In this massage the therapist will work closely at the attachments of the primary muscles of concern, the synergistic and antagonist muscles along with other soft tissues adjacent to the primary area. Close attention is paid to the clients posture, and gait. The therapeutic advantages of these massages are numerous. It helps with recovery from and prevention of injury, reducing muscle tension, helping to increase flexibility, and to prevent repetitive strain and overuse symptoms.
  2. Thai Yoga Sports Massage
    Thai Yoga Sports Massage
    A Thai Yoga massage differs from a traditional sports massage in that it is done on the floor and massage oil is not used. The client is clothed and the use of hands, arms, knees and feet to perform compression and move you into a series of yoga-inspired stretches. This massage can be done for the whole body or focused on a specific area of the body. It is highly recommended to schedule at least a 90 minute massage if you are wanting a full body.
  3. Holistic Massage
    Holistic Massage
    This massage is done on the table and is customizable, per the preferences and goals of the client. Different modalities are used to give the client the experience and end result they are looking for, whether it be complete relaxation and/or stress relief, pain relief, or physical/emotional balancing. This massage does not include all of the sports massage techniques but does include some deep work or stretching if needed/desired.
  4. Reiki
    Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel universal energy (qi,chi) through the client by means of touch, or directed non-touch to activate the natural healing processes of the their body and restore physical and emotional well-being. A Reiki session might focus on specific areas or chakras to remove "blockages" or on a complete balancing all of the seven Chakras.
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